Scout Conference

Concept, branding, outreach, event logistics

After the success of Scout's first design conference, Interventions, the studio created a team dedicated to continuing the conference annually.

Joining this new team as Logistics Coordinator, I collaborated with the Conference Director, designers, and developer to create Interventions: Narrative and set the foundation of Interventions for years to come.

How might we create a conference that attendees think about, talk about, and return to year after year?

Concept and brand

Our annual conferences should reflect the current year in design.

Considering recent events like AOC's campaign, we resonated with the idea of designers taking control of the narrative and design's power in activism.

Owning the narrative —
a visual brand around collage elements, taking existing materials and making it our own.

I defined a tagline, a two-sentence abstract, and a full abstract for our new brand, Interventions: Narrative. These became the fundamental copy for our website, press kit, and elevator pitches that we shared with the entire Scout studio.

Full abstract:

Interventions: Narrative is a celebration of designers as influential storytellers and activists across disciplines and industries. For one day, Interventions: Narrative brings together designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs to discuss the roles that creatives play in society at large, and explore the responsibilities that come with putting work into the world in an age of mass media skepticism and change. Through a series of lectures and panels, our guests will share the ways that they create, own, and maintain narratives through design.

Website copy:

screenshot of website copy


After gathering community feedback, I reached out to speakers on journalism, design ethics, data visualization, and more. As I engaged with each speaker, I identified key topics that related to the narrative theme and their personal work. I personally confirmed our speakers Amanda, Nick, Matt, Martha, Sofie, and Shaun, Maria, and Scott from Tandem NYC!

photo of Nick onstage
photo of Matt onstage
photo of Sofie onstage
photo of Tandem NYC team onstage


With strategically-placed coffee breaks.

As the Conference Director and I were both avid event-goers, we used personal experiences at other conferences in addition to the first Scout conference to determine structure and length of keynotes, talks, panels, lunch, and breaks.

conference schedule


There were several issues that I personally observed as an attendee of the first Scout conference, and that I gathered through feedback from other attendees. I reimagined the event venue to alleviate crowding in the atrium and encourage a better traffic flow for the lunch line.

I also imagined new experiences, such as a design gallery inside the rooms along the atrium.

venue floorplan
photo of lunch break
photo of attendees engaging with Martha in the gallery
photo of attendees at the atrium photo booth


The experience showcased the power of the design community as well as the Northeastern student community.

"Had the best time at #interventionsbyscout today! All the speakers were amazing and I feel so empowered to 'just keep making.'" - sky.s

"So cool to hear the design story behind the @AOC campaign from @tandemnyc at @neuscout #interventionsbyscout conference" - katister

"What an inspiring day at #interventionsbyscout. Thank you for so many great ideas and a supportive community! I can't wait for next year!" - mmcleodphoto

photo of attendees in the atrium
photo of auditorium
photo of floor design


Christina Allan — Director
Karisa Tzeng — Coordinator
Xoee Margolis — Designer
Madison Hackley — Designer
Ray Huang — Developer

conference team

Madison, Xoee, Christina, Ray, and I