Scout Production

Project management, marketing

Looking to expand its creative capabilities, Scout Design Studio started the Production Team in Fall 2020. Looking to help define this new initiative, I joined as Creative Producer.

With Director Casey, I led the first Production Team of 4 other creatives to produce client work, marketing collateral, and original content. Here are some highlights.

Remote teamwork

Not only was this Scout Production's first semester, but this was the entire studio's first semester being fully remote. Before the semester started, I took lead in setting up a Notion workspace for the team.

We used Notion for task and project management, and as a handbook on team tools and members.

Weekly Dose of Design

The studio needed a way to manage and scale its Weekly Dose of Design email newsletter. We had already shared over 100 beautiful WDDs, yet they were getting buried and lost in inboxes.

Scout's 100th WDD, on 11/26/2019

I led the initiative to promote viewership and engagement of our WDDs and increase overall visibility of Scout, using an omnichannel content strategy. Working with the Marketing and Events team, we introduced WDDs to our Instagram and created a section for WDDs on our Medium.

Video teaser on IG

#WFH Offices of Scout

Scout is working from home (#WFH) and still making things happen. And, behind the design work, we're also people. I led the creation of a series of Instagram posts to share where the Scout magic happens and let the public have a peek into members' individual, personal lives.

This project also helped visually diversify the content of Scout's Instagram page, most of which is otherwise marketing collateral.

Other work

I also got busy supporting the rest of the studio.


I've been on Scout's newest two teams; previously, I was on Scout's first Conference team, in 2018.

This most recent experience confirmed my interest in continuing to support new and growing teams in the future. I enjoyed determining team workflows and setting up a Notion workspace for the team from scratch, and supporting my passionately creative teammates in common goals throughout our time together.


Casey Martin — Director
Karisa Tzeng — Creative Producer
Gabby Aidam — Motion Designer
Cayla Chow — Motion Designer
Bryce Dearden — Photographer/Videographer
Roman Distefano — Collateral Designer

conference team

Casey, Cayla, Roman, Gabby, and I (on the laptop!)